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Other Fitness Equipment

Other Fitness Equipment
Abdominal Exercise Gliding DiscsItem Type: Gliding Discs Materials: EVA, ABS Diameter: 17.8 cm Features: Gliding Discs, Abdominal Exercisers, Fitness Equipment..
Ex Tax:$9.55
Adjustable 1-5 kg Ankle SandbagsItem Type: Sand Bags Material:Leather + Oxford Cloth Size: 28.5 cm Features: Sand Bag, Adjustable Ankle Sandbags, 1-5 kg Ankle Sandbags..
Ex Tax:$14.14
Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Sand BagItem Type: Sand Bags Material: Oxford Size: 315 x 45 x 30 mm Weight: 250 g Features: Sand Bag, Adjustable Ankle Sand Bag, Adjustable Wrist Sand Bag ..
Ex Tax:$7.12
Adjustable Ankle\/Wrist Sandbags SetItem Type: Sand Bags Material:Neoprene + Iron Sand Size: Wrist 16-21.5 cm, Ankle 20-29.5 cm Features: Sand Bag, Adjustable Ankle Sandbags Set, Adjustable Wrist Sandbags Set..
Ex Tax:$52.13
Adjustable Sport Stretching StrapsItem Type: Yoga Accessories Material: Polyester & Cotton Blend Length: 183 cm Width: 3.8 cm Quantity: 1 pc Features: Sports Accessories, Yoga Stretch Band..
Ex Tax:$6.43
Adjustable Yoga Strap with D-RingItem Type: Yoga Strap Size: 183 x 3.8 cm Material: Polyester Features: Yoga Strap, Yoga Belt, Adjustable Strap, Training Strap, Fitness Strap..
Ex Tax:$6.43
Arm Muscles Exercise Fitness Tension RopeItem Type: Fitness Tension Rope Material: Rubber, Foam Size: 40 x 10 x 4 cm Features: Fitness Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Fitness Supplies, Fitness Items, Fitness Rope, Tension Rope..
Ex Tax:$6.43
Balance Pad for Yoga ExerciseItem Type: Sport Accessories Material: EVA Size: 30 x 20 x 6 cm Weight: 200 g Features: Sports, Fitness, Fitness Accessories, Sport Accessories, Yoga..
Ex Tax:$17.15
Colorful Striped Nylon SandbagItem Type: Sand Bags Material: Oxford Size: 53 mm Features: Sand Bag, Colorful Sandbag, Striped Sandbag..
Ex Tax:$7.12
Colorful Training Parachute for RunningItem Type: Fitness/Training/Yoga Size: 142 x 142 cm Waistline: 50 - 110 cm Features: Workout, Training, Exercise, Soccer..
Ex Tax:$8.91
Compact Elbow & Knee Mats SetItem Type: Yoga Accessories Material: TPE Diameter: 17 cm Thickness: 1.2 cm Contents: 2x Mat Features: Yoga Accessories, Mat, 12 mm, Set..
Ex Tax:$7.12
Elastic Strap with Multiple Grip LoopsItem Type: Sport Accessories Material: NBR Size: 180 x 35 cm Features: Sports, Fitness, Fitness Accessories, Sport Accessories, Pilates..
Ex Tax:$16.50
Elastic Tension Fitness RopeItem Type: Elastic Tension Rope Materials: Latex, Foam Length: 36 cm Tube Width: 11 cm Features: Fitness Ropes, Fitness Bands..
Ex Tax:$6.43
Fitness Elastic Pull Rope Item Type: Exercise Gear Material: Natural Latex, Foam Color: Black / Red / Blue / Green / Yellow Size: 1.2 m Tensile Strength: Yellow - Extra Light (4.5 kg) , Red - Light (6.8 kg), Blue - Medium (9.1 kg), Green - Heavy (11.3 kg), Black - Extra Heavy (13.6 kg) Features: Res..
Ex Tax:$7.12
Fitness Glide Disc For Abdominal Workout & Training Item Type: Exercise Gear Material: ABS, Foam Color: Black / Blue / Red / Pink / Orange Size: Round Shape -  17.8 cm, Triangle Shape - 19.5 cm Features: Fitness Equipment, Exercise Gear..
Ex Tax:$9.33
Fitness Gliding Discs SetItem Type: Fitness Accessories Material: Plastic, EVA Size: 17.7 x 0.7 cm Contents: 4 x Gliding Disc Features: Fitness Accessories, Gliding Disc, Set..
Ex Tax:$19.80
Fitness Latex Resistance Tubes Item type: Resistance Tubes Material: Latex Set Includes: Blue band (20 pounds), Red band (15 pounds), Yellow band (10 pounds), Handles (x 2), Ankle straps (x 2), Door Anchor, Storage Bag Features: Sport Resistance Tubes, Resistance Bands, Sport Accessories, Fitness Ac..
Ex Tax:$21.90
Fitness Pull-Up Hanging StrapsItem Type: Fitness Accessories Material: Nylon Size: 40 x 33 cm Contents: 2 x Hanging Strap Features: Fitness Accessories, Hanging Strap, Pull-Up..
Ex Tax:$23.85
Fitness Strength Trainer Rope Resistance BandsItem Type: Resistance Bands Material: Latex, Wired Tube Features: Strength Training Equipment, Resistance Bands, Strength Training Resistance Bands, Strength Trainer Rope, Fitness Resistance Bands..
Ex Tax:$28.06
Gym Body Belt Fitness EquipmentsItem Type: Sport Accessories Material: Nylon Size: 50 cm Features: Sports, Fitness, Fitness Accessories, Sport Accessories, Bodybuilding..
Ex Tax:$15.09
Leg & Arm Muscle Exercise ToolItem Type: Fitness Accessories Material: Metal, Foam Size: 29 x 12.5 x 3.2 cm Contents: 1 x Exercise Tool Features: Fitness Accessories, Exercise Tool, Universal..
Ex Tax:$12.53
Multifunction Gym Resistance Pull Rope With Kneeboard Item Type: Exercise Gear Material: PP, ABS Color: Black Strip Length: 35-95 cm (Stretched) Kneeboard Size: 42 x 14 x 4.5 cm Weight: About 1520 g Features: Wheel Roller, Silent Wheel Roller, Portable Wheel Roller, Arm Strength Training, Fitness Eq..
Ex Tax:$29.24
Multifunctional Anti Gravity Yoga SwingsItem Type: Yoga Swings Material: Polyester, Nylon Size: 4 m Features: Yoga Swings, Multifunctional Yoga Swings, Anti Gravity Yoga Swings..
Ex Tax:$39.34
Professional Resistance Training ParachuteItem Type: Outdoor Tools Material: Polyester Diameter: 56 inch Weight: 179 g Features: Outdoor Sport Tools, Professional Speed Parachute, Training Speed Parachute  ..
Ex Tax:$10.44
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